Mixed Media Giclée Prints

3 sizes

This air maid glides through a haze of smoke toward Buddha on a stool of grapes. She is garbed in lavender petals and beads and is propelled by a fish tail.  Her free floating arm ( I’m realizing a pattern here) holds a perfume bottle emitting purple bubbles of scent.  A stone head topped with a jeweled hat and dragon fly.  Her breast plate is an ancient bracelet with a bronzed cast face.

The process begins with high quality magazines and books from which the palettes, shapes, and elements are selected for the central characters. I photograph the backgrounds and manipulate the color in Photoshop to work with the images. The collages are drum scanned and photographed professionally before the merge with the backgrounds. The prints are highest quality archival paper or canvas and archival ink.

©Alex duMauriee