Alex duMauriée The Artist

As far back as I can remember I have been doodling, drawing and creating art with many mediums.

The alchemic process of creating has been a dominant part of my life experience since I was a child and has always demanded to be nurtured in one form or another. From lecturing on Creativity and Innovation, Intuitive Intelligence as well as The Inhibitors of Creativity, to designing high fashion accessories in New York City, copy writing, sculpting and painting, I have moved through many expressions of this creative life force that I know to be an integral part of being human.

My dad was a pen and ink and charcoal artist as well as a cartoonist. He taught me early on how to properly hold a brush, draw and to create characters of my own imagination. I still use his brushes.

At the university I studied commercial art and design but discerned that it was too confining and restrictive a discipline for my character. I’m glad when I look back on those tiring hours of trying to perfect calligraphy, a straight line, the perfect O or oval, that I moved on. Computers do it so much better. Who knew?

Years went by before I could devote time to my art in a meaningful way. Once made, the commitment sparked a fury of activity in my new studio.

For all the years of sporadic art classes I am basically a self-taught artist. I remain fascinated by the “accidents” that morph an idea into something altogether “other” than my intentions or expectations to create a surprise even to me.

After trying watercolor, acrylic, collage and a combination of all the above, I finally discovered that oils give me the most freedom of artistic expression and movement. I love that I can turn up the music, grab a big brush and move paint around unrestricted by time or the confinement of materials. The best part…oils give me a chance to come back with do-overs and overs.

Painting teaches me something every day; sometimes its about painting and often its about me and how I operate in the world (impatience, commitment, self-doubt, surrendering to the process and so on. I have yet to master the Zen of cleaning brushes.)

As a self-admitted insatiable, curious and restless spirit, my work reflects my need to experiment with style, palette and subject matter, always chasing the “it” factor. I get the downside to that.

I’m intrigued by the act of intention turned sideways by the creative process, which in the end produces its own result. The writer in me is wont to align each piece with a profound thought or motivation. Hélas…

I am grateful to be passionate about a lifelong process of learning. THIS will keep me growing for the rest of my life. Yippee! What a gift.


Alex duMauriée



©Alex duMauriee