Ego Burdened

Mixed Media Giclée Prints

3 sizes

A head dress of spinach and jewels adorns this peg-legged gentleman’s head of a man’s ring with a fish eye. His breast plate is a tribal mask, epaulettes of cut perfume bottles and hands made of sliced cucumber.  Bejeweled and feathered with a sword at his side, chaps of green reptile leather, he is accompanied by a hawk and a lizard. Don’t hawks eat lizards? Oops.


The process begins with high quality magazines and books from which the palettes, shapes, and elements are selected for the central characters. I photograph the backgrounds and manipulate the color in Photoshop to work with the images. The collages are drum scanned and photographed professionally before the merge with the backgrounds. The prints are highest quality archival paper or canvas and archival ink.

©Alex duMauriee